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Project Description
Mobile Broadband Logging Monitor enables mobile broadband users to monitor their connection software and see if they're affected by excessive logging and therefore excessive use of their hard disks which causes a performance hit.

It's a Windows Forms.Net C# application.

If you are a mobile broadband user you can use The Mobile Broadband Logging Monitor to help your computer get a better and longer life by checking if it is affected by the excessive logging issue. The Mobile Broadband Logging Monitor as a small and simple to use Windows program to help you and the more than 2.000.000+ other mobile broadband users diagnose your mobile broadband connection client. It's easy to install and use. If a solution exists to the your connection client, a link to that solution will be shown in the program. Yes, it's that easy ;o) Download to the right or read more about the annoying excessive logging problem.

Why might you need this software?

Many mobile broadband users in Europe use a piece of core connection client software from either HUAWEI Technologies or BirdStep Technology, skinned and renamed to fit the visual brand of the telecompany providing the mobile broadband. These telecompanies include, among others, 3, Telenor, OiSTER, Telmore, Turkcell, t-mobile, Orange, m1, Movistar, Etisalat, O2. Both types of core connection software share a very vital flaw: they log way way too much data than needed, which in turn have many negative effects on your computer: it means continuous excessive hard disk use, it slows your computer down, it uses up the power in your battery faster than normal and it inhibits the computer from suspending. In other words, they have many anti-mobile sideeffects.

Given the fact that BirdStep Technology has more than 2.000.000 users in Europe, and HUAWEI Technologies probably many more globally, the scale of impact of these seemingly innocent side effects are therfore quite large. Many many mobile broadband users are affected without knowing it, although fixes exist to make these programs cease their excessive hard disk usage.

Hopefully the companies will realize that releasing software into a consumer market with debug-level logging is not and never has been a very good idea.

Read more about the software here: Mobile Broadband Logging Monitor blog posting.

Current release supports monitoring of:
  • Newer and older editions of Birdstep Technology's EasyConnect
  • HUAWEI Mobile Partner
  • MWConn
  • User defined location for software not natively supported by the application
  • Optionally sharing logging information anonymously to help us make Mobile Broadband Logging Monitor better.

Who am I? My name is Christer Østergaard and I am an independent mobile broadband enthusiast, software developer and consultant. Go here to get in touch with me.

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